Taxscribe® is pleased to announce its latest product additions: BizLink and BizWorks.

BizLink: Built for the taxpayer, simplifies the filing of business personal property forms currently.

BizWorks: Built for the taxing jurisdiciton, accelerates the verification and processing of tax filings.

BizLink expedites the filing of taxes by providing an online portal connecting the taxpayer to their jurisdiction. The online form eases entry and allows for multiple revisions or reviews prior to submission. Any additional documentation can be readily attached. Data validation means fewer errors which quickens the jurisdiction's review and acceptance. Online filing provides real time status and an audit trail of filings. A dedicated message system maintains a history of communication. Need an extension? BizLink can do that.

BizLink means less time spent on taxes and more time focused on your business.

  • Taxscribe QuillOnline fillable forms
  • Taxscribe QuillData validation, reduced errors
  • Taxscribe QuillElectronic filing with participating jurisdictions
  • Taxscribe QuillPrint and mail
  • Taxscribe QuillRequest an extension
  • Taxscribe QuillDirect messaging
  • Taxscribe QuillReal time status
  • Taxscribe QuillRetained data for future filings
  • Taxscribe QuillAttach supporting files

BizWorks streamlines a jurisdiction’s processing of tax filings and provides insight into the overall status and timeliness of those filings. Upfront data validation ensures greater accuracy and completion of incoming forms. Reviews are expedited by cleaner incoming filings, online views, workflow processing and direct messaging with the taxpayer. Extension request management? Bizworks can do that.

BizWorks comes with basic metric reporting. This intelligence facilitates the identification of backlogs or trouble spots to hasten staff or system augmentation. BizWorks provides ready access to filing data to eliminate data entry and allow easy integration to any appraisal system.

BizWorks organizes your taxpayers, your filings, and communications into an efficient enterprise.

  • Taxscribe QuillReduce incoming errors
  • Taxscribe QuillEasy reviews of filings and supporting documents
  • Taxscribe QuillFaster processing
  • Taxscribe QuillManage extension requests
  • Taxscribe QuillDirect messaging
  • Taxscribe QuillProcessing and status metrics
  • Taxscribe QuillData aggregation for reporting
  • Taxscribe QuillData availability for integrations
Forms Archive: Legacy TaxScribe will be unavailable during the transition. Please send a retrieval request here for assistance in obtaining a copy of a submitted form.